Garmin Express Fails to Complete the “Downloading Files” Stage or Error Installing Message

Garmin Express is an application that helps you to manage and updates your Garmin Sat Nav device. But at times you might get the Garmin Express error while downloading the maps or software updates on your system. For resolving the error successfully, you must try following the given steps. 

Update Your Garmin Express Application 

Outdated Garmin Express application can also be the reason behind failing to complete the Downloading File Stage or getting the Installation error. Hence, for resolving this Garmin Express Error, you can try updating your Garmin Express software. For updates, you can follow the procedure mentioned below. 

Garmin Express Fails to Complete the


  • Open the Garmin Express application. 
  • Then, click Settings>About>Check For Updates>Install Now
  • Mac:

Click the Garmin Express icon from the desktop. 

After that, tap Garmin Express>About Garmin Express>Check For Updates>Install Now.

This will successfully update your Garmin Express Application.

Make Sure You Have Enough Disk Space

For updating maps and software, you must have enough disk space as these updates contain a lot of information. Hence, before downloading these updates, you must have enough space. You can check the disk space by following the given steps. 


  • Firstly, press “Windows+E” keys simultaneously. 
  • Now, Click “Computer” from the right-hand panel. 
  • Then, select the local disk and right-click it. 
  • After that, select “Properties”.


  • First of all, click the Apple icon
  • Further, click “About This Mac”
  • Then, click the “Storage tab”. 

Now, you can check the available disk space. If enough space is not available, then make some space and then try downloading the maps and software again. 

Check The Date, Time, and Time Zone Settings Of Your Computer

For successful communication between Garmin Express and Garmin Server, you must have a correct time zone settings. Even if your system is showing you the correct timings but if the time zone settings are incorrect, then you will get the error. 

In case you want to check or change the settings, then follow the given below process. 


  • Click the “Windows” icon located on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Then, you have to enter “Date and Time” in the search bar and click the “Enter” button.
  • In the Date and Time dialogue box, click the “Change Time Zone” tab. 
  • Now, ensure that the correct time zone is selected. If you want to change, then click the inverted triangle and choose from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click the “Ok” button. 
  • Select the “Change date and time” tab. 
  • If prompted, then enter your administrator password
  • Make the required changes in date and time. 
  • Click the “Ok” button twice. 


  • Firstly, click the Apple icon. 
  • Now, select “System Preferences”. 
  • In the next window, you have to tap the Date & Time option
  • Click the Lock icon from the bottom left corner. 
  • Now, enter your Mac Administrator username and password.
  • Then, change the Date and Time, if required. 
  • For changing “Time Zone”, then click its respective tab and make the changes.  

Check Your Internet Connection

For installing Garmin Express updates, you must have a high-speed internet connection. Also, make sure that you are using a secure wi-fi connection and your internet service should not be capped with a data usage limit. After this, if you still are getting this Garmin Express Error, then you can try restarting your router by turning it off for a few minutes. 

This is how you can try to resolve the Garmin Express Error and get your updates downloaded on your devices successfully.